He pulled Jon to him and embraced him fiercely.


TV Show Meme → [1/5] Shows: Once Upon a Time

Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing’

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Question Tuesday: The Fault in Our Stars Movie Edition x

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“You don’t need to be in everyone’s face all the time to appreciate what you do.”

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you are goodness, forgiveness
of the purest kind

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“Sure, the auditions and the rejection – if you’re a sensitive person at all, it’s fucking brutal. But, if you can work in this town, it’s a joy. You just have to keep your focus. LA’s a pretty, warm, easy, breezy place. You can sunbathe, get a mai tai and wake up five months later. And it’s still sunny. And they’re still serving mai tais.” —Chris Pine on being an actor

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